Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yahoo Mail and it's Error Code 2

One of my friend just asked me to help him out a question regarding his yahoo email account. His problem was that he was unable to access his yahoo emails although he can access the address book and other stuffs. When he try to check the mail above screen shot error occurs.

He have tried the link below error message that says to "Contact Customer Care about Error Code 2" and filled the form that pop ups but still there haven't been a solution for him for the last 3 weeks.

I Google for the specific problem and found out that it is a problem that occurs at yahoo server side and only option that we have to wait till the yahoo guys fixed the problem. Seems like it's some sort of a random problem and the yahoo support team is very slow in fixing the issues. So I must advice yahoo team that if they do not keep up there customer satisfaction up to standard they are going to loose their customers to competitive companies like gmail.


master2010 said...

thnaks friend for all information

Haley said...

I too have gotten this problem before. Thankyou for the useful information!

Ramith said...

Yesterday I got a news from my friend that their yahoo email problem have been fixed by the yahoo team after 1 month period!!
It seems like Yahoo team should concentrate more on their customer service and make the customers happy or else they will lose the market for the competitors.

wbrenner said...

For the past three weeks or so, I have been getting this #2 error while using the beta version of Yahoo mail (the interface that mimics Outlook). Quite annoying. I am a paying customer of Yahoo services, using their premium DSL service and paying the extra price for mail without ads.

The message that I get is in a pop up message box, and suggests that you scroll messages, and it will attempt to try again. I don't get the connection, but I push the scroll bar on the right, the message header list goes blank, and in a moment the headers come back. Until I do that, I cannot even look at messages that have been downloaded even days before. That give a message that I can't see the message before it is downloaded. Does not exactly make sense.
As this happens all through the day, it is rather annoying.

There is no suggestion at all to contact Yahoo customer service, and no suggestion that the error is related to anything that I have done on my side.

Anaheim CA

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