Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wishing A Happy New Year - 2009

I wish all the people a happy prosperous new year!

Hope that the Sri Lankan Army will defeat the ruthless LTTE terrorist in year 2009 and unite Sri Lanka under one flag!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Video DownloadHelper : Useful plugin for FireFox!!

Video DownloadHelper is the most popular of the video downloading add-ons out for the FireFox web browser.

So with Video DownloadHelper you can easily download your favourite youtube video or any kind of a video in a web page where they don't give the privileged to download.

It is easy to install this plugin and only requirement you should be having is that you have install FireFox web browser.
So install this plugin and start downloading your favorite web videos.

Visit:- Video DownloadHelper Plugin for FireFox!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

"Machan" Sinhala Film!

A group of desperate slum dwellers, living on the margins of society under impossible pressures,
find an invitation to a handball tournament in Bavaria to be the answer to their prayers, a one way ticket to the West and the wealth that will solve all their problems.

Manoj and Stanley console themselves after their latest visa application is rejected. For barman Manoj, the recurrent denial of his ultimate dream to live and work in the beautiful West is taking a serious toll, whilst his lifelong friend Stanley, fruit seller in the streets of Colombo, is losing his fight against overwhelming debt, looking after crazy aunts and a young brother on the way to a criminal life.

With their spirits at an all time low the chance discovery of an invitation to a handball tournament in Bavaria appears to them like a present from the Gods. Even if nobody knows what handball is, a bogus application to the tournament is submitted and soon a mismatched collection of friends and colleagues, creditors and policemen, join together in the unlikely Sri Lanka National Handball

With little thought to the tournament that awaits them on the other side of the world, "training
sessions" are understandably minimalist and any excess energy ploughed into internal skirmishing. As the tournament invitation arrives, handball rules and regulations are side-lined; dreams of leaving poverty behind and a better life take centre stage as they march to the German Embassy for that magical visa...

Rejected again! Who the hell mentioned Ministry letters? Why should you need permission from
your own government if you've had an invitation from another? Does this mean the end of the

There's always master forger and all-round crook Ruan of course, but you'd have to seriously be
scraping the barrel to go to him for help.

A trade off sees the reluctant last minute inclusion of a bunch of stranded foreigners. The team,
now swollen to capacity, finally gets its much agonised visa and, after painful good byes to families and friends, is on the way to the West and a bright future.

But the planned quick getaway on arrival is crushed by the welcoming organisers and a change of schedule sees them confronted by an arena full of sport fans eager to applaud the prowess of the Sri Lanka National Handball Team.

70-0. And now? Do they run before the inevitable arrest and an inglorious return home? Or should they fight on to defend personal and national pride at the cost of risking the end of their dream?

For More Information :-Machan

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Classic Car Club Of Ceylon(Sri Lanka) : classiccars.lk

Founded in 1992, the CLASSIC CAR CLUB OF CEYLON brings together a group of people with a profound respect and love for classic cars.

Classic Car Club Of Ceylon provide the foundation for the preservation of these masterful works by enabling members to interact, share ideas & restoration tips, as well as providing an opportunity to exercise these machines in a safe environment via regular club events.

Classic Car Club Of Ceylon also drive the love for classics by organizing public and educational events giving a wider audience access to the history and beauty of these cars.
So if you are a fan of classic cars in sri lanka classiccars.lk will be very useful for you.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TNL Onstage rocks sri lanka : tnlonstage.com!

TNL Onstage is a musical milestone that is anxiously awaited year after year by aspiring musicians and local-talent thirsting crowds.

Since it’s first appearance in 1999, Onstage has rapidly grown to become the music authority on upcoming artists in the local music industry.

tnlonstage.com is the official web site they have launched regarding TNL Onstage. Now you can get information about the artist who perform, Wallpapers etc.

SO Rock Your Self!

Visit:-TNL Onstage

Sunday, December 14, 2008

SLT Rainbow Pages now online : rainbowpages.lk

Sri Lanka Telecom, the premier telecommunication service provider in Sri Lanka enjoys a unique position of being the publisher of the SLT National Telephone Directory which comes along with RAINBOW PAGES.

Sri Lanka Telecom have been publishing directories ever since late 1930s to its subscribers. The RAINBOW PAGES is the new classified Business Section of the directory which was introduced in 2002 and RAINBOW PAGES is known as the National Business Directory.

So if you ever want to know contact details about a business organization or about a person in sri lanka who have SLT number now you can access the details through rainbowpages.lk for free.

Visit:- www.rainbowpages.lk

Friday, December 12, 2008

laptop.lk : All about laptops in Sri Lanka!

Laptop.lk is a grate web site where you can purchase different kind of laptops available in sri lanka.

This online store also provide other computer related accessories such as Laptop Bags,Laptop Ram's,Hard Disks,Web Cameras,Projectors etc..

So now you have the grate oppertunity in buying your laptops or computer related accessories from online store rather than waisting your time in traveling.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Adding Sterling pound character when the Keybord does not have it!

Some times computer keybord does not contains some characters such as sterlin pound sign, euro sign,omega sign etc.
The easiest way to get this in windows is using charmap command.

In windows run or command prompt type charmap and enter. You will get the character map window with lot of symbols.
Now only thing you have to do is select the symbol you need to copy it and paste where you want.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Get your Java Black Belt free from javablackbelt.com!

Javablackbelt.com is a grate web site specially for software development people where you can gain lot of knowledge in programming languages.

This web site contains lot of questions and answers so that you can test your knowledge in java, hibernate, ruby, spring, ant etc. So in your profile you will get a ranking according to your knowledge.

So geeks visit javablackbelt.com and check your skills and gain a black belt.


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