Thursday, December 2, 2010

Review on HP G62-b13sa Laptop

Few weeks back I got HP G62-b13sa Laptop for special discount of 360£. I think this price was reasonable for 3GB RAM, 320GB hard drive,15.6" screen and Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium.
The following are the Pros and Cons that I have seen on HP G62-b13sa laptop,


1) Finished in Biscotti with a stylish Prism pattern which is very attractive.
2) Inbuilt webcam and Microphone work perfectly.
3) Sound quality is excellent.
4) Although the processor is not that much powerful, it seems to handle multitasking work without any issue.
5) Very lighter(2.20KG) than some laptops.


1) Keyboard key layout is very confusing.They have included 5 short cut keys to left of the keyboard and this some times becomes messy when you are in a hurry typing, you will press the short cut key instead of the standardised keys such as shift,ctrl etc that normally resides in left of the keyboard.

2) Touch pad does not have a clear boundary with the laptop body. So It is bit hard to scroll and move the mouse some times when you are in a hurry. Also right and left click buttons seems to be bit rigid.

So other than the track pad and keyboard layout issue, I think HP G62-b13sa Laptop is a value for money product.


Visit:- Check Full Specification

Saturday, November 13, 2010

copyscape.com - Search for copies of your page on the web

copyscape.com is a web site that gives web site owners the ability to check whether their web site has been copied by some others in the internet. You only need to submit your web site URL to copyscape.com web site and they will search the internet and generate a list of web sites that have identical content of your web site.

Visit:- Visit copyscape.com

Thursday, September 30, 2010

captureFox Free Screen Capture Tool

captureFox is a good plug in that is developed for the FireFox web browser in order to capture screen movements.

This plug in is supported for Windows VISTA, Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems and you only need to have FireFox web browser install in order to use this tool.

So if you need to record a video tutorial or capture a screen, this free tool will be very useful for you.

Visit :-
Visit FireFox Add-on

Visit www.capturefox.com

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gmail Priority Inbox

Gmail is getting more innovative day by day when considering with other email service providers. Check out this video and make your life easier..

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Last Lecture of Prof. Randy Pausch

Professor Randy Pausch was an American professor of computer science and human-computer interaction and design at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was told by the doctors that he is remaining three to six months of good health.In his last lecture title as "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" he talked about his lessons learned and gave advice to students on how to achieve their own career and personal goals.

Pausch died from pancreatic cancer on July 25, 2008 at the age of 47.

So watch this video and try to grab the advice he is giving out to this world..

Below video is the shorter version of the above video,

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tracing the original source of an image in internet

Have you ever wonder of tracing an image in the internet to identify the source of the image?? tineye.com website gives you the solution for your query.

tineye.com website is a reverse image search website which allow users to upload images or give the url of the image and it will automatically search and gives a list of sites that the image you search is in.

This site will not work for some images such that are in social network website but overall this website is a good way to trace an image in the internet.

Visit :-Visit www.tineye.com

Friday, May 14, 2010

Try Out WWW.SLHITS.COM For Sri Lankan Songs

slhits.com web site is a great initiative that let the users allow to listen to Sri Lankan songs freely. This web site has sorted songs from the artist so anyone can easily browse through them.

This web site has a inbuilt media player so anyone can make a play list as they wish and listen to the music.

So visit www.slhits.com web site and listen to the hit songs in Sri Lanka.
Visit :- www.slhits.com

Friday, April 9, 2010

Chess Cube Haven For Chess Lovers!!

www.ChessCube.com website is a free site that allows chess players to play chess online for free. You only needed to register in the Chess Cube site and you can play with your friends or anonymous players around the globe.

Not only you can play online you can also watch the currently playing games online and also with your account you can rank your self among the Chess Cube players.

So if you are interested in chess www.ChessCube.com website is going to be a haven for you.

Visit :- Visit Chess Cube

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can 'Google Buzz' Take over FB???

Google empire is now invading all the sectors in the cyberworld with their innovative ideas.The latest product they have launched is 'Google Buzz' which is a social integration & messaging tool like Facebook & twitter that has been built into the gmail accounts.

Now anyone who uses can use gmail buzz in uploading photos, video like in FB and also put your messages like twitter.Also you can restrict your sharing preferences and also make recommendations for your friends that can be viewed by your friends.

So it will going to be a tough competition for Facebook,hi5 and other social networking web site to compete with the internet giant Google.

Visit:- Google Buzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, January 21, 2010

MR vs SF - Who Will Win Sri Lankan Presidential Election 2010?

With few days to the Presidential election both side MR(Mahinda Rajapaksa)& SF(Sarath Fonseka) are trying to gain the floating vote of the people that haven't decide to whom to be vote.

MR with his band of ministers are using their full strength in slinging mud towards the opponent and misusing the government resources. While SF is giving false promises to everyone he met although I am quite sure he will not have any idea how to execute his promises & specially when he forgets the people who have helped him to become the army commander, he will surely forgets his promises if he come to power.

Unfortunately or fortunately this time i will not be able to vote because i am not in Sri Lanka at the time but if I vote I will vote MR because he is more cunning actor than SF and to control a country like Sri Lanka we need person like that.May be lot of people will disagree but that's my personal opinion.

Following are the official web sites of both candidate if you wish you can visit those site as well.
Visit :-
Mahinda Rajapaksa official web site
Sarath Fonseka official web site

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Laptop Driver Really Gave Me A Hart Attack

Recently i got the opportunity to install windows xp on a laptop although for some people it will be nothing but for me it was first time in a laptop. So i was very careful and somehow the installation went smoothly and successfully completed. Because there was no driver cd's given i have to go the HP web site and download all the drivers for laptop model HP compaq 510 model.

After installing all the drivers as i was shutting down the laptop i felt that it took more time to shutdown and seems like the laptop have been hang at the shutdown displaying the message "Windows is Shutting Down". I tried few times like this and every time laptop freezes up at the shutting down.

I was really got scared what the hell just happened because there is nothing wrong with the windows xp cd that i have. So i googled about Windows XP shutting down issue in compaq 510 model and found out that this happens due to some driver software issue but the forums didn't specifically mentioned what driver it cause this issue. Also as a one my friends advice i tried to shutdown the laptop from the safe mode and it shutdown the laptop smoothly.

So now i had the task of identify which driver that giving me this issue so i tried one by one disabling the components and check if it works and at last i found that the culprit was the web cam driver as i disable it the laptop shutdown as usual. Still there was no solution because it is a headache to disable and enable the device and the person who is using the laptop was not a IT friendly person. So i tried uninstalling and installing webcam driver few times but it didn't work.

As i was going through the control panel Add/Remove Programs i found that web cam driver also install some software also other than the driver it self and i removed that software from Add/Remove Programs and bingo it worked. So at last after wasting a almost a day i found the solution.
So that was my first adventure of installing Windows xp on a Laptop. :)

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