Tuesday, March 25, 2008

websites for People who are going to face a Interview!

Hey people today i am going to give a website that is very useful to the people who are going to face a Information Technology field Interview!

geekinterview.com web site provide you with all the interview quesions that might be asked in a interview.It has categorized the quesions in to different sections such as General,Microsoft,J2EE,Management,Concepts....etc.
So visit this useful web site make your life a success & Enjoy!

visit:- Visit for Interview-Questions

Thursday, March 20, 2008

wedding.lk:-Sri lankan Wedding and bridal services!

Hey people today i am going to introduce a website that is very useful for people who wish to get married in sri lanka!

Wedding.lk is useful web site for the people wish to get married in sri lanka because wedding.lk has all the information you need & contacts from Bridal Dressers to Photographers and other stuffs you'll needing in a wedding!!
So pepole who wish to get married visit Wedding.lk & Enjoy! :D

visit:- Visit Wedding.lk!

Friday, March 14, 2008

ABA(film):-The epical tradition of the Sinhala cinema

Hey people 'Aba' is the upcoming high-budget Sinhalese Film directed by Jackson Anthony, based on the historical legend of King Pandukabhaya which took place in Sri Lanka more than 2300 years ago.
The production of this film began halfway through 2007. The film was shot at different remote places in Sri Lanka. Shooting has been completed by now.
So be ready to see the new era of Sinhala cinema.For more details visit aba.lk official website and Enjoy!

visit:-Visit aba.lk!

Friday, March 7, 2008

kuppiya.com:- Free Sinhala medium learning videos for IT world!

Hey people kuppiya.com is a great learning site for people who wish to learn IT subjects in sinhala medium.
Kuppiya.com is created by Kusal Arthanayake a friend of mine who is a keen to share his knowledge with other people.
Kuppiya.com contains learning videos in sinhala medium which are very useful for people in universities learning IT subjects in sri lanka.
My friend is doing this work as a charity work & all the videos are free to be downloaded.
So visit kuppiya.com and enjoy!

visit:-Visit kuppiya.com!

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