Saturday, February 23, 2008

madhura.lk:-English Sinhala Dictionary!

Hey if you ever needed exact Sinhala meaning of any English word or the exact English meaning of any Sinhala word easily, you should install madura Dictionary which is free to download from madhura.lk official madura Dictionary website!

Also madhura.lk website provide lot of other resorces like MP3 songs, Video Songs, Funny Jokes to be download freely!
So visit madhura.lk and Enjoy!

visit:-Visit madhura.lk!

Friday, February 15, 2008

news.lk :- Official Government News Portal of Sri Lanka

Hey people news.lk is the Official Government News Portal of Sri Lanka!
news.lk website provide the latest news, security updates, economic and business news in sri lanka and the mainpoint is it is reliable due to it is the Official Government News Portal of Sri Lanka.
news.lk is also can be viewed in sinhala or tamil languages which is the major advantage over other news websites.
So visit news.lk website & be always up to date with things happening in Sri Lanka.

Visit:- Visit news.lk!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Elakiri.com:-Biggest Srilankan Entertainment site!

Hey pepole elakiri.com is a great website that let us download free sinhala video songs.
Elakiri.com allow us to download Audio(Dj's,Originals,Remix),video and other stuffs to download free.also it has now included a new section regarding Short Films and Drama to be download!
So visit elakiri.com and Enjoy!

visit:-Visit Elakiri.com!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

hitzbox.com:-Free Downloadable English & Sinhala Songs!

Hey people hitzbox.com is a new website which let us download English & Sinhala MP3 and videos for free!
hitzbox.com also has the Chat room facility in the website!
So visit hitzbox.com and Enjoy!

Visit:- Visit hitzbox.com!

Friday, February 8, 2008

ethalaya.com:- A Sinhalese news website!

Hey pepole here is another sinhala news website similar to vimasuma.com!

ethalaya.com website is a new Sinhalese news website with up to date current news, security updates, economic and business news has been launched, breaking the language barrier that delayed news from reaching Sinhala speaking online users!

To see the ethalaya.com website you have to install sinhala web fonts which can be downloaded from fonts.lk or visit the following link of ethalaya.com!

Visit ethalaya.com!
Visit here to download sinhala fonts for ethalaya.com!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

crimereports.com:-Free Web site map about crimes in USA!

Hey people crimereports.com is a great website for the people in USA to view arrests and police calls in their area.
crimereports.com website provide all the details about the crimes that happened around your area and it make aware about these incidents!Also this service is absolutely free!
So USA people check out this crimereports.com website and make your life safe of crimes!
And i wish in other countries also it is better if the relevant officials implement a functionality like crimereports.com to aware about dangers!

Visit:-Visit crimereports.com!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Finding Information about the owner of a website!

Hey people if you ever wonder how to find the information about the specific website about the owner and other information, whois.net is the website you should visit.
whois.net website will get all the information you need, only you need to type the name of the website in whois.net website search.This is absolutely free!
So visit whois.net and Enjoy!

visit:- Visit whois.net!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

gallezone.com :- Free Downloadable Sinhala Songs!

Hey people gallezone.com is a great website which let us to download free Mp3, DVD, Vedios and Djs in sri lanka. It is always uptodate with latest songs that are relesed by Sri lankan artist!
gallezone is maintained by a person called Nuwan Chinthana and all the credit should be give to him about gallezone.com.
so visit gallezone.com website and Enjoy!

visit :-visit GalleZone

Saturday, February 2, 2008

BBC radio via internet!

Hey people if you ever want to listen to BBC Radio online here is the website you should visit!
The British Broadcasting Corporation, which is usually known simply as the BBC, is a large broadcasting corporation.The corporation produces programmes and information services, broadcasting globally on television, radio, and the Internet.
In the BBC online Radio you can listen to lot of categorize according to your preferenses!

Visit:- BBC Radio

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