Sunday, August 23, 2009

Download Old Software Versions For Free (www.oldapps.com)

www.oldapps.com is a very useful web site that some times comes in handy when ever you need older version of a software.

While most web-sites provide downloads of current versions, OldApps.com caters to a different market of interest by providing older versions of the same useful programs.

oldapps.com contains good collection of older version of now, day today software's and this web site is like a free software junkyard.
So feel free to visit oldapps.com when ever you need a old version of any kind of a software.

Visit :- www.oldapps.com

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pay Your Electrcity Bills Online (www.leco.lk)

Lanka Electricity Company (Private) Limited commenced Business operations on 1st June 1984 and services over 450,000 customers in the Western and Southern coastal belt townships between Negombo and Galle.

Now all the customers of Lanka Electricity Company (Private) Limited can pay their electricity bills online rather than waiting in long ques out side the LECO offices.

Also any one now can calculate their electricity bills online and you only need to enter the number of units that consumed and the Tariff Calculation application in www.leco.lk web site will automatically do necessary calculations for you and give you the total.
So now you don't have to solely depend on the meter reading person who come to your house, if you think there is a mistake you can go to this web site calculate your own bill.

So visit www.leco.lk web site and make your life easy.

Visit :- www.leco.lk

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Free courses From Universities Around The World!!

Youtube have given a good opportunity to everyone to follow Bsc,Msc or any course that conducted by popular universities around the world.

Youtube has opened a sub-domain call EDU where there are loads of lecture videos of lot of variety of courses from universities around the world. This is really free and you don't have to pay for anything.

So now you can type www.youtube.com/edu in the browser and you will be able access the contents.Also Youtube have given the facility of searching through university name wise or by the course name.

So enjoy the videos and improve you r knowledge.

Visit :- youtube EDU

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Politicians And Road Names in Sri Lanka

In my life one of the people i really hate are politicians because of their lies & they all ways make problems to people rather than giving solutions to the people.

This is a story about a similar case that the politician making bloody mess out of a road name.I am living in Maharagama Pradeshiya Sabha area and one day they have just removed the old name board of our lane and replaced with a new name.

They never informed us about the changing the name and what we found about the real truth about this incident is really shocking.

The rename have occurred due to family living in our road and with a backing of a politician in the Maharagama Pradeshiya Sabha.The family needed to name the road by their fathers name who is nobody and haven't done any work to the area.By the backing of a dirty politician they have done so.

In our lane there around more than 35 families living and nobody except the family who have involved in this incident doesn't like this move. So we have written a latter with our signatures to the Maharagama Pradeshiya Sabha to reinstall the previous name of the road. And after few weeks they have sent a letter asking both parties who like & dislike the move to come to Maharagama Pradeshiya Sabha to settle the problem rather than reinstalling the previous name that has been for the last 25 years.

This is a just another single small incident that have created by politicians in Sri Lanka that shows that they are capable of creating new problems rather than solving problems that is already occurred.

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