Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Cooliris" Be cool with this FireFox Addon!

Full-Screen, 3D Cooliris transforms your browser into a visually stunning, lightning fast way to search and enjoy online photos, videos and more.

Just launch Cooliris from the browser toolbar, and our unique "3D Wall" lets you zoom your way around thousands items on a single, ever-expansive wall.

To enjoy Cooliris on hundreds of supported sites such as Facebook, Google Images, YouTube, and Flickr, mouse over images on the site and click the Cooliris icon that appears.

So add this cool plugin for FireFox web browser and feel the power of "Cooliris" plugin.

Visit:- Cooliris Addon for FireFox

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tarzan Bappa Online : tarzanbappa.com

Tarzan Bappa a popular sri lankan sinhala radio programme is now online.

Now you can download the songs and conversations of this hilarious radio programme that conducted by Artist Chathura Lakmal Wijerathna aka Tarzan Bappa.

Visit:-Tarzan Bappa Online

Saturday, January 17, 2009

edex.lk - EDEX 2009 Exhibition!

The concept of EDEX began in 2003, in the minds of few key officials of Royal College Union, the alumni of the Royal College Colombo , a premier boys school established in 1835 by British missionaries, and having 168 years of proud history at the time.

The timeliness of the concept, the way of delivery, and above all, the genuine interest taken by the EDEX Committee to serve the students, career professionals and service providers alike, has helped EDEX to grow year on year, making it the most sought after and established Career and Higher Education Event in Sri Lanka.

So this year also EDEX - 2009, the national career oriented educational exhibition is to be held for the 6th consecutive year on from the 23rd to the 25th of January 2009, at the BMICH and the following week at Queens Hotel, Kandy.

So if you a seeking a job opportunity or a career guidance this exhibition will be very useful to you.

Visit:-EDEX 2009 Exhibition

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

srilancars.com : Buy or Sell Vehicles in Sri Lanka

srilancars.com is another web site that invade the cyber world with buying & selling automobiles in Sri Lanka.

In this web site you can sell your vehicles or else if you a buyer you can buy vehicles.There is also the facility to search though the make of the vehicles.

Also this web site provides buying and selling advices so people who haven't got any idea about buying or selling automobiles it will be very useful.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

citizens.lk : Online Registration for all Sri Lankan Citizens

The Sri Lankan government have asked all sri lankan citizens to register them self online with ministry of defence.

The request is a part of a security measure to further screen all the citizens within the sri lanka.When every citizen registered it is kind of a census and it is easy for the security forces to carry out random checking.

The people in the rural areas can register online through government offices.
Although this registration is required for a good valid reason i doubt about whether they will give a clear output because any person can enter data that is not valid or people can avoid doing registration. So I think their should be a mechanism to monitor this.

Also it will not going to be easy task because there around 19,742,439 people to register.But i hope this government will undertake this task in a good manner similar way that they tackle LTTE terrorist.

Visit:-Register in www.citizens.lk

Friday, January 9, 2009

SL Army Liberate Elephant Pass!

Victorious Sri Lanka Army today (Jan 9) fully liberated the 325 km stretch of Jaffna- Kandy (A-9) road from terrorist hold after 23 years with the liberation of Elephant Pass. With this historic victory against terrorism, Point Pedro, the northernmost tip of the Island nation has been reunited with the Dondra Head, the southernmost tip of the island. The longitudinal distance between these two small towns is 480 Km.

With the re-opening of the A-9 road, Sri Lankan citizens have regained their freedom of movement between Jaffna and the South. Since, the LTTE captured Kokavil in 1990, the citizens of Sri Lanka were denied of their right to travel to the Northern part of their own country via land route. Consequently, the terrorists had got the opportunity to extort the civilians extensively by collecting ransoms from those who wished to enter or leave Wanni.No human rights champion uttered a word against LTTE for this grave violation of fundamental rights that continued more than 2 decades.

Now, the people in the Jaffna can not only travel freely to the South but also trade their agricultural products with the South. Let the opening of the A-9 be the beginning of the new era of peace, harmony and equality.

For More Detail:-
Battle Progress map

Sunday, January 4, 2009

howtogeek.com : How-To Guides for Windows and Linux!

howtogeek.com is a great web site that provide help, tutorials, tips and how-to guides for Windows and Linux.

howtogeek.com website provides articles that contain information about windows XP/Vista, about Microsoft office packages, Linux and other geeks stuffs that will be very useful when using computers.

This website also contain a forum where you can post your questions so that experts or geeks who know the answer can solve your issues.

So visit howtogeek.com and Enjoy!


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