Saturday, January 10, 2009

citizens.lk : Online Registration for all Sri Lankan Citizens

The Sri Lankan government have asked all sri lankan citizens to register them self online with ministry of defence.

The request is a part of a security measure to further screen all the citizens within the sri lanka.When every citizen registered it is kind of a census and it is easy for the security forces to carry out random checking.

The people in the rural areas can register online through government offices.
Although this registration is required for a good valid reason i doubt about whether they will give a clear output because any person can enter data that is not valid or people can avoid doing registration. So I think their should be a mechanism to monitor this.

Also it will not going to be easy task because there around 19,742,439 people to register.But i hope this government will undertake this task in a good manner similar way that they tackle LTTE terrorist.

Visit:-Register in www.citizens.lk

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