Friday, May 21, 2010

Tracing the original source of an image in internet

Have you ever wonder of tracing an image in the internet to identify the source of the image?? tineye.com website gives you the solution for your query.

tineye.com website is a reverse image search website which allow users to upload images or give the url of the image and it will automatically search and gives a list of sites that the image you search is in.

This site will not work for some images such that are in social network website but overall this website is a good way to trace an image in the internet.

Visit :-Visit www.tineye.com

Friday, May 14, 2010

Try Out WWW.SLHITS.COM For Sri Lankan Songs

slhits.com web site is a great initiative that let the users allow to listen to Sri Lankan songs freely. This web site has sorted songs from the artist so anyone can easily browse through them.

This web site has a inbuilt media player so anyone can make a play list as they wish and listen to the music.

So visit www.slhits.com web site and listen to the hit songs in Sri Lanka.
Visit :- www.slhits.com

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