Friday, January 9, 2009

SL Army Liberate Elephant Pass!

Victorious Sri Lanka Army today (Jan 9) fully liberated the 325 km stretch of Jaffna- Kandy (A-9) road from terrorist hold after 23 years with the liberation of Elephant Pass. With this historic victory against terrorism, Point Pedro, the northernmost tip of the Island nation has been reunited with the Dondra Head, the southernmost tip of the island. The longitudinal distance between these two small towns is 480 Km.

With the re-opening of the A-9 road, Sri Lankan citizens have regained their freedom of movement between Jaffna and the South. Since, the LTTE captured Kokavil in 1990, the citizens of Sri Lanka were denied of their right to travel to the Northern part of their own country via land route. Consequently, the terrorists had got the opportunity to extort the civilians extensively by collecting ransoms from those who wished to enter or leave Wanni.No human rights champion uttered a word against LTTE for this grave violation of fundamental rights that continued more than 2 decades.

Now, the people in the Jaffna can not only travel freely to the South but also trade their agricultural products with the South. Let the opening of the A-9 be the beginning of the new era of peace, harmony and equality.

For More Detail:-
Battle Progress map

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