Thursday, January 21, 2010

MR vs SF - Who Will Win Sri Lankan Presidential Election 2010?

With few days to the Presidential election both side MR(Mahinda Rajapaksa)& SF(Sarath Fonseka) are trying to gain the floating vote of the people that haven't decide to whom to be vote.

MR with his band of ministers are using their full strength in slinging mud towards the opponent and misusing the government resources. While SF is giving false promises to everyone he met although I am quite sure he will not have any idea how to execute his promises & specially when he forgets the people who have helped him to become the army commander, he will surely forgets his promises if he come to power.

Unfortunately or fortunately this time i will not be able to vote because i am not in Sri Lanka at the time but if I vote I will vote MR because he is more cunning actor than SF and to control a country like Sri Lanka we need person like that.May be lot of people will disagree but that's my personal opinion.

Following are the official web sites of both candidate if you wish you can visit those site as well.
Visit :-
Mahinda Rajapaksa official web site
Sarath Fonseka official web site

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