Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TNL Onstage rocks sri lanka : tnlonstage.com!

TNL Onstage is a musical milestone that is anxiously awaited year after year by aspiring musicians and local-talent thirsting crowds.

Since it’s first appearance in 1999, Onstage has rapidly grown to become the music authority on upcoming artists in the local music industry.

tnlonstage.com is the official web site they have launched regarding TNL Onstage. Now you can get information about the artist who perform, Wallpapers etc.

SO Rock Your Self!

Visit:-TNL Onstage

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

TNL Sucks man..... its all politics. They have selected some shit singers for the solo finals and left some ppl with awesome voices.

The judges changes from round 1 to round 2. Lost the uniformity of judging.

Its pathetic when you see the line up for the finals. Only very few real singers.

Ppl who held their stomachs and sang like old grandma's made it to the finals while the ppl with real talent was left behind. I wonder why.

In brief.... I think its high time TNL change their tag line to "101.7 TNL SUCKS!!!"

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