Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Vesak 2009

Vesak is an annual holiday observed traditionally by practicing Buddhists in many Asian countries.

On this day Buddhists as it commemorates the birth of Buddha, his attaining Enlightenment and his passing away into Nirvana.

In Sri Lanka celebrations include various religious and alms giving activities, Electrically lit pandols called "toranas" are erected in various locations in Colombo and elsewhere, most sponsored by donors, religious societies and welfare groups. Each pandol illustrates a story from the 550 Jataka Katha or the 550 Past Life Stories of the Buddha.

In addition, colorful lanterns called "Vesak koodu" are hung along streets and in front of homes. They signify the light of the Buddha, Dharma and the Sangha. Food stalls set up by Buddhist devotees called dansälas provide free food and drinks to passersby.

So if You visit Sri Lanka in early month of May You'll be able to experience this grate celebrations.

Visit For More Details :- Vesak in Wikipedia


Ann said...

Sound like an interesting event to observe :)

dasanrangarajan said...

hope you also visit Yogyakarta, Indonesia on Vesak day. There're always a big celebrations annually at Mendut-Pawon-Borobudur Buddhist temple. Borobudur or Bhumisambhara-buddhalaya is the biggest Stupa in the world.

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