Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alternative for etickets.lk web site!

The etickets.lk web site which is a popular web site that sell e-tickets and advertise the latest films that going to be screening in the film halls in Sri Lanka has been gone offline for the last few months.

When i was investigating about this incident i came to know from a friend of mine that etickets.lk is maintained by a Ceylinco group company and that company does not no longer active.

It's a shame that we lost a entertainment resource website like etickets.lk.
So after searching for a alternative i found about www.ticketslk.com and www.sltickets.com websites provides similar functions like etickets.lk.

But still these web sites are new and needed lot of improvements to achieve the Sri Lankan movie fans.
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Oh that's a shame. etickets.lk was so convenient. I didn't realize that it was not functioning anymore. Thank you so much for posting the alternatives.

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