Sunday, May 31, 2009

New E-learning system in Sri Lanka (www.webceylon.com)

Today i got a email probably a spam email from a person call Chatura Perera about a web site call webceylon.com, because of my curiosity i checked the web site and found that it is a new E-learning system for Sri Lankan students.

Although this web site state that this is the Sri Lanka first video based Sinhala and English E-learning system, i do not agree with it because there are some web site such as kuppiya.com that have entered to the cyberspace before webceylon.com.

There are lot of improvement is needed to webceylon.com web site that is allowing people to go through download section without registering.Because normally people are reluctant to register because it is time consuming and do not wish to give away there details to unknown people.

At the moment this E-learning system only have few basic video tutorial probably because it's new to cyberspace.
It's grate to see that the videos can be streamed through this web site but it will be fabulous if there is a facility to download videos also.

So at the end i can only say that if you a person who are searching for video tutorials this is going to be good spot for you in the future.

Visit :- www.webceylon.com

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