Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sri Lanaka's Railways in Cyber World :- www.railway.gov.lk

Sri Lanaka's Railways have gone to the internet through " www.railway.gov.lk " web site.

This official web site of Sri Lanaka's Railways gives its commuters to easily access the time tables of each trains and also has the ability to search the trains that leave within from one station to a selected destination.
Also this web site have included information about all the rates and facilities and also include other useful information's that a train commuters should know.

This seems like a useful web site specially for train commuters in Sri Lanka. By the way i am not sure the information specially the time tables of the trains are up to date and i am not a train commuter so if you are a train commuter please verify the details.

Visit :- " www.railway.gov.lk " Official Sri Lanaka's Railways Web Site


Tours with Shoki said...

It’s really good searching. Nice and it shows you have great knowledge.

shirley aka beautiza said...

great info...

Kirigalpoththa said...

Great to see a website for SLR

This is very useful!

Thanks for posting this Ramith!

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