Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sri Lanka Defeats Western Countries In United Nations Human Rights Council!

The United Nations Human Rights Council voted heavily in favor of Sri Lanka against a few western nations who were ganging up to condemn Sri Lanka for its alleged conduct in the war against terrorists.

Western countries have been heavily involve in Sri Lankan conflict and have been using deliberate covert measures to stop the war against the terrorist movement LTTE till the last moment. But Sri Lankan government at the end defeated LTTE terrorists in it's 30 years civil war and brought peace to this island nation.

In the United Nations Human Rights Council Sri Lanka resolution presented against the Western allegations received 29 votes against the 12 who opposed it. Six nations abstained from voting. There was a high unity among Asian countries in the council, specially the rivals such as India & Pakistan came under same team in supporting Sri Lanka in defeating the evil plot of few western countries.

This convey a strong message to the western countries who think they are superior than other countries that to stay away from other countries internal issues.

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