Sunday, May 24, 2009

"sahithya.lk" A Great Step To Make Blogging Popular In Sri Lanka

"sahithya.lk" the official web site of Sinhala Language and Literary Unit of Royal Collage has been unveiled with a news of a blog competition for all Sri Lankan students that is first the first competition to be held in Sri Lanka.

A blog competition will be held as a part of the literary day festival organized by the Sinhala Language and Literary Unit of Royal College.
The main key objectives of the event is Evaluating and appraising Sinhala language bloggers, introducing new bloggers to Sinhala blogosphere, promoting Sinhala Unicode and Internet journalism.

So if you are a blogger in Sri Lanaka this news will really interest you. For more details visit sahithya.lk web site.

Visit :- www.sahithya.lk

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