Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Download Your Free MP3 Songs From YouTube

For a long time i was in search for free MP3 download site. I found some sites that are also listed in my previous blog posts but still some of these web sites haven't got songs that i want. So i tried to find another way to find a solution, that is YouTube.

To get MP3 songs you will be needed to have a mechanism to download the YouTube video such as i use "DownloadHelper" plugin for Firefox web browser which allow us to easily download the YouTube video with the song in .flv format. And also need to have a software for converting .flv video format to MP3 format to do this i used a software called "Doremisoft FLV to MP3 Converter" which is a free software.

After Installing "DownloadHelper" plugin for Firefox and "Doremisoft FLV to MP3 Converter" software you are now ready to download your favorite MP3 songs.

Visit :-
DownloadHelper plugin for Firefox
Download Doremisoft FLV to MP3 Converter

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LordsGirl said...

Great informative site!
Much Love

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