Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Get A Free outbrain Content Rating widget for Your Blog!

I have been searching for a widget that used for content rating and recommending with using 5 stars rating.
That's when i came across "www.outbrain.com" web site where they distribute this post rating widget for absolutely free.

This widget supports Blogger.com, TypePad, WordPress (installed version only), Drupal and others.They don't stick their logo or any 'powered by outbrain' stuff on your site. they are just a guest on your blog and don't intend to use it to market their self's.

Also this widget provide you the ability to get a graphical interface similar to Google Analytics to do it you need to register. But don't worry it's absolutely free and if you only need the widget you have the option to not to register in the outbrain.com web site.

You can see the look and feel of it by visiting my other blog blog-catcher where i have used this widget.

So far i have not found any problems yet and i have checked it using Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

So add this free gadget for your blog and enjoy the rating ability!

Visit :- www.outbrain.com

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