Thursday, April 30, 2009

Channel Your Doctor Online In Sri Lanka : eChannelling.com

Now a days the easy way to channel a doctor in Sri Lanka is through eChannelling.com where you can channel your doctor online.

You can channel doctors in private hospitals that are Nawaloka, Durdans, Asiri Hospitals, Apollo, Oasis, Park, Ceymed, Southern, Healthy Life, Ninewells, Golden Key, Leesons and Royal.
So if you are going to channel a doctor in the above mentioned hospitals eChannelling.com web site will be very useful for you.

This web site has given the opportunity for people to view the site in English, Sinhala, Tamil languages. But unfortunately only English version of the eChannelling.com can be viewed.
This web site has the searching ability by the doctors name but i am not satisfied with the web site structure and graphical display where it does not display professionalism in the web site.

So if you want to channel a doctor in Sri Lanka eChannelling.com web site is the place to go.

Visit :- www.eChannelling.com

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diff girl said...

hey..i feel compelled to leave a comment for any skeptics out there.hv been using echannelling web site for a while now. i must say though, at first i was just as skeptical about the functionality of the whole thing but it has proven to be just fantastic. channelling those "hard to get" doctors is just a breeze and it usually allocates you for the first 3 slots. feels damn good sl is onboard with online appoinments making it easier for anyone, even if you are half way across the world. this absolutely works!

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