Monday, June 29, 2009

Kaspersky Really Let me down............

Today I had a bad day with a spyware because of my trust worthy anti-virus Kaspersky failed to do it's job.

Yesterday one of my friend borrowed my flash drive and returned to me this morning, knowing that there maybe nasty surprise waiting inside my pen drive i immediately scanned my pen drive with Kaspersky anti-virus and it came all clear in the scan.

So without thinking i right click on the pen drive icon and opened it.For a second i thought that i have done a mistake because it took some time(30 seconds) to open the pen drive & it opened in a separate window.But still i didn't got any idea about what is happening behind the screen.

When i open my Internet Explorer(IE) browser i found that my home page that i have set to yahoo in IE have been changed to a site call "www.cssa.co.nr" and IE window title "Chiku was here - gchinthaka@gmail.com".

i immediately scanned my pen drive in my old machine which has free AVG virus guard and AVG immediately caught the culprit a file call "chiku2008.vbs" a VBScript virus.
So Kaspersky really shattered the trust that i have to it by letting a small VBScript virus to get though uncaught.

i removed all the registry values that starts with "Chiku" but still when ever i change the "Window Title" in windows registry it will not save the change.
And i found out that in my running processes there was this "wscript.exe" and when i kill that process and edit the registry value it solve my problem.

But when i google about it i found out that wscript.exe is a windows process that handle VB scripts and i found a software Noscript.exe from symantec.com to disable this process.

So after wasting hours i finally got through this shit and if i caught the person who develop this virus crap i surely going to kill him.
From now on i am not going to trust Kaspersky or the crap IE.


Tux said...

I've always used Avast! antivirus, and it has not let me down yet. I've run it on everything from Windows 2000 to Windows Vista, and plan on running in on Windows 7 when I receive my copies. It updates daily, doesn't slow my computers down, and catches anything the internet throws at it. I'd say give it a shot, or move back to AVG, which I've heard nothing but good things about.

Sorry to hear about what happened to you. Viruses and other nasty-ware are the most frustrating thing. I remember the good old days when you'd maybe infect just a few floppy disks. Sure, you maybe lost the data on those disks, but nothing else. Today, if your hard drive gets infected, you're screwed. At least in the case, it sounds like it wasn't more than just a pain in the ass.

Good luck!

K3Z said...

Always go for free applications my friend.
Antivir Avira and Avast are two best solutions. I have Avast on several windows servers and Avira on desktops, all well updated and no issues at all. If you are planing to use mail client in desktop, Avira won't be a good option since it doesn't have email protection.

jando said...

maybe it's just best to really have both anti virus and anti spyware installed in your PC me I don't take chances I have multiple anti-viruses installed

K3Z said...

@jando It is good have both anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed. But having multiple anti-virus software is not recommended and it s not good for your system considering both stability and performance.

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