Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Taste a Slice Of The Sri Lankan Blogosphere (www.kottu.org)

Probably you have already heard about kottu.org a Sri Lankan blog aggregator but if you don't know about it you better try this blog aggregator.

This kottu.org web site is a useful resource to bloggers as well as every one who like to get all their Sri Lankan blogs in one place.

According to kottu.org web site - It's basically collects a slice of the Sri Lankan blogosphere in one place. The only criteria for joining Kottu is

1. Having a working feed (which most blogs do)
2. Being ‘Sri Lankan’, as in based in or covering Sri Lankan experiences
3. Being original content (not copy/pasted)
4. Observing very basic standards of libel and obscenity
5. Being updated in the last two months

So if you full fill above criteria just don't wait send a email to indi@indi.ca asking to add your blog to kottu.org a Sri Lankan blog aggregator. As soon your blog is added to kottu.org this web site will display your blog posts in this web site.

This is a absolutely free service and it's grate opportunity for blogger to increase their blog traffic and also useful for everyone who searching for a good topics.

Visit :- www.kottu.org

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