Monday, June 15, 2009

Great Sri Lankan comedian Annesley Dias Farewell to the Nation

Annesley Dias, a great comedian Sri Lanka have ever produced, passed away on June 12th. He was 81 years at his death. Annesley, a versatile comedian, not only made his audiences laugh, but also really happy.

He became popular as Hamu Mahaththaya in the Vinoda Samaya radio drama.

Later, he acted roles in several television programs.Anesley Dias engaged mostly in comic dramas with Berty Goonathilaka and Samuel Rodrigo, also with Mercy Edirisingha.

I have attached one of YouTube videos that i came across that was telecasted in early 90's. I really like those sinhala comedies of Anesley Dias, Berty Goonathilaka and Samuel Rodrigo triple when i was a child and still feel the feeling when i watched these old videos.

So it's very sad day for all the fans of this grate comedian....

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