Friday, June 5, 2009

Yal Devi Friendship Railway Track (www.uthurumithuru.org)

The Government of Sri Lanka conceptualises this Uthuru Mithuru project not as a mere exercise of reconstructing the Northern railway line to Jaffna and Kankasanthurai, but also as a bridge of fraternity between the people of the North and the South.

According to uthurumithuru.org the railway has been the primary connection of the northern part of the country to the south. The distance by road to Colombo from Jaffna was 403 km while by rail it was 394 km.

It's grate that war is over and finally the rail line that was permanently closed after the 13th June 1990 will be going to be rebuild. So if you wish to donate to this project that connect not only north & south but also people visit uthurumithuru.org for more details for how to contribute to this humanitarian project.

Visit :- www.uthurumithuru.org

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