Saturday, June 20, 2009

Entrecard - Does It Help Your Blog In Getting Traffic?

"What the heck is Entrecard?" that was my first question i asked my self when i first saw it in a friends blog.

Actually Entrecard is supposed to be your e-business card which has a capability of introducing your blog to people around the cyberspace.

When you join Entrecard, you'll have the opportunity to create your own 125x125 business card.

This card will also represent your ad when you advertise on another site in the network.

According to entrecard.com following are some advantages that blogger get from Entrecard,

1. Boost your visitors
2. Grow your audience
3. Network with other bloggers
4. Market products and services
5. Get the help you need to succeed

To experiment i also joined entrecard.com but still i haven't got any increase my blog traffic probably because it's just first week of my Entrecard.

I also found this great YouTube video that i attached within my blog post. So hope you also find this Entrecard will be useful. But for me still it haven't impressed me yet. But who knows?? :P

Visit :- www.entrecard.com


Crystal from KIZZ said...

Thans for this info. Have had entrecard on the back burner for a while. Maybe try it now! 8)
Crystal from KIZZ

Jenny R said...

Great Entry, I have not heard of Entrecard, I will give it a go and keep us posted on how you do!

madz said...

Yes, it had. It also brought money in me :D

All2Read said...

Just putting the EC card on your blog will not increase traffic. You have to be involved with the other EC droppers. You have to visit their sites and drop your card there. Then they will visit your site as well. You can find a list of such droppers on my blog. I hope to write some articles about taking maximum out of entrecard in the future.

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