Tuesday, July 7, 2009

viewmy.tv :- Watch TV Online For Free!!

viewmy.tv is a amazing site that gives you the opportunity to view loads of TV channels around the world for free.

viewmy.tv is much more similar to justin.tv web site but viewmy.tv has more capability of searching for the TV channels you like by genre,Region or Country. Also this web site does not have annoying pop up adds such as some web sites.

So if you ever want to watch TV through a computer viewmy.tv will be very useful for you.

Visit :- www.viewmy.tv


Burparella said...

You should see and write about this much better site.

pwoodford said...

Hey Ramith, I agree, I love www.viewmy.tv ... there's more new channels submitted each day and the content is decent. I hear there will be new channel formats offered and for members there are some good widget / gadgets to watch saved channels on other devices.

Greg Corday said...

Dude, get the viewmy.tv google gadget and put it on your blogger page!


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