Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Google Chorme Invading Microsoft Windows???

What Google is going to put their hands in operating systems?? That's right!! That is going to be happen in 2010 according to official Google Blog.

The new OS also known by Google Chorme going to be a open source and it is going to be a grate thing and i hope that Google will launch it's OS in a amazing manner.

According to Google the new Google Chorme OS will concentrate mainly on Speed, simplicity and security.Probably that's what Microsoft windows is lacking and it is a good thing of having competitors for operating system rather than a single company dominating the market.

Visit For Details :- Official Google Blog


niroshinie said...

Its very exciting but its also kind of scary..I mean 90% of the time when we search for something we ask Google. Google tells us if something is and something isnt. Now they're going to do OS too? Is Google going to take over the world!?

Ramith said...

hmmm u have a point!!
But they say it will be open source!!
So nothing to be fear till open source is here!!!!

Kirigalpoththa said...

That is great news!

Good that Google going for that as they have the capacity and technology to exploit this area.

Think endusers will get better poducts..

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