Saturday, December 12, 2009

Facebook and Privacy

This week big revolution happened in the most popular social network web site Facebook with it's introduction of new privacy settings. So I just did some analysis going through some forums.

The changes treat as "publicly available information" the following: your name, profile picture, current city, gender and networks, and the pages you're a fan of.
Until now, you had the option of restricting much of that information. That option has been removed.

And also friend list is now included in mandatory public information and users can no longer control which friends can see their friends list.This was another negative point in privacy that pointed out in some forums.

And also the other shocking thing that I found out that the Facebook people have reset the privacy settings of the users accounts and some users who haven't logged in recently does not know that all their details are now can be access publicly.

I think Facebook people should be more careful about what they do in connection with privacy of Facebook users.

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Lita C. Malicdem said...

Well, you're simply right concerning FB and its privacy policy. I'm helpless but I just use my page in my own clean purpose- to connect to relatives and family living far. Friends can just be second. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about FB.

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