Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Turbo Boost Your Web Browsing with Opera 10

I personally like only 2 web browsers that is Firefox and Opera.But i more prefer Firefox because of it wide range of useful plugins but i like always the opera that is more light weighted than Firefox.

Opera web browser has come a long way since it enter to the cyberspace and now it has passed another mile stone it's life with the introduction of Opera 10 version. In the latest version they have introduced a new feature call Opera Turbo, Opera claims that Opera Turbo runs the browser up to eight times faster on suffering connections than do competing browsers.

Also in the new version of Opera you can easily add themes to web browser and has loads of new features and upgrades.

So try out Opera10 experience the power of Opera web browser.

Visit :- www.opera.com

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LazyOwl said...

I found many useful things through your blog.There were buried deeply inside the collection of many posts of yours,and usually goes unnoticed.That's shame, as you must have spent many hours to do just that. In my opinion, you should seriously consider categorizing them & present them in some accessible manner, such as a menu or something. Seems,you are quite capable to do that.

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