Wednesday, November 12, 2008

nokla N95 :- The Colone of Nokia N95

The nokla N95 is much more similar to Nokia N95 original model in appearance but does not contain all the functions that original phone gives out.

The name has been much more similar to original Nokia brand name differentiate only from letter "L" instead of letter "I". So lot of people have fooled by this and have brought nokla instead of original nokia N95 for large sum of money.

I received a nokla phone as a present and it seems ok for me as it work fine.
The only problems i have encountered is that its camera take lot of time to load and pictures are not in quality and also i could not find a software for my pc to connect the phone. And also it does not have a radio, front camera etc that original phone has and nokla does not have any official web site.

But it seems fine with it's touch screen and because it works fine in sri lanka rather than some other countries that does not work. It would be batter if these nokla people can put a official web site and help their customers and gives out the PC suit. So when ever you are buying a nokia phone checks whether it is original rather than a clone.

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