Saturday, November 10, 2007

Free E-books(flazx.com)

http://www.flazx.com/- Free E books site

This site contains lot of IT related E-books!
The important point is that we can download the E-books for Free!



Anonymous said...

Hi , Thats fine.. But I have downloaded the files and when I tried to view the files, its asking some sort of "You need to have the Following Volume to continue extraction".

Please revert me how to solve this issue..


Ramith said...

first extract all the files by right clicking the mouse
and selecting 'extract to your filename folder'
then click the rare file and select the browse button
then select the specific file from the extracted folder.
continue the process until you finished extracting the.rar files
reason-your material may be divided into different volumes and those volumes and compressed inside a .rar file.
thats why it shows error.
so always extract all the archive files and try it!!
Enjoy the download!

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